Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Fitting

After proper hearing diagnostic tests have been conducted and analysed you may need to be fitted with a hearing aid. It is best to have the audiologist fitting your aids also conducting the tests using reliable calibrated equipment.

When making a choice about Hearing Aids, price is a consideration, however being properly diagnosed, tested and serviced will ensure the best outcome. We work with Hearing Aid providers with decades of experience and a knowledge across major Hearing Aid brands.

Fitting a Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Trials

Many audiologists will offer a trial of a hearing aid. Some of the audiologists we recommend have offered 2 trials to clients so that they can choose the style/brand that best suits them.

Who will look after your interests?

How do you know if the hearing provider will look after you for the length of the warranty period at no extra charge?

Quality Care Experience across major brands
Hearing Aids

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  • We find a qualified professional for you in your location
  • Aids supplied in Australia with full manufacturers warranty
  • No Obligation or fees
  • You are not buying a hearing aid over the Internet
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