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We as hearing aid wearers ourselves help you find an independent audiologist who can recommend across all major hearing aid brands.
100's of people in the Brisbane to Gold Coast region have benefited from our no obligation service.
Today's hearing aids offer improvement in those difficult to hear places - they will change your life.

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Hearing aids can be life changing, especially in normal hearing situations where you simply would not hear enough of the conversation to understand it.
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What should you pay for hearing aids in 2022

Basic Hearing Aids

Great value.

  • Professionally Fitted
  • Full Warranty
  • Full backup
  • Limited Noise Reduction
  • Limited Tinnitus Features
  • Limited Bluetooth Capability
No Compromises

Premium Hearing Aids

No compromises - top of the range.

  • Professionally Fitted
  • Full Warranty
  • Full backup
  • Advanced Streaming
  • Crisp Natural Sound
  • Advanced Features
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Prices in AUD. Taxes may apply.

3 factors to improve your lifestyle

Get these factors right and your lifestyle will dramatically improve if you have a hearing issue.


Your history and a description of your hearing concerns are diagnosed with the appropriate hearing tests.

Hearing Aids

Advice on the appropriate hearing aids, prices and care.

Hearing Accessories

Explore the possibilities to streaming, microphones and assistive listening devices.


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How we help with your Brisbane Hearing Aid needs

Researching Hearing Aids is a difficult task.

  • 01. Independent information about Hearing Aids

    Research is key. Read our articles and personal experiences with hearing aids.

  • 02. Get Tested

    If you suspect you have a hearing issue, get tested. Get tested by a reliable hearing centre.

  • 03. Purchase your Hearing Aids

    Buying the most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing is actually a simple process if you get steps 1 and 2 right. We introduced lower hearing aid prices into Australia by being the first to publish hearing aid prices across major brands.

  • 04. Follow-up after care

    Depending on your age and hearing condition, it may take some time to get used to hearing sounds again. It may even overwhelm you at first. A few adjustments may be required to get the most out of your purchase.

Hearing Aids 2022

In 2022 the best hearing aid for you is the one you prefer. Prices can go as high as $14000, however you can get exactly the same hearing aids with full warranty for $6000.

Streaming and Bluetooth™ features now make it an advantage to have a modern brand hearing aid. It is not a time for buying a cheap amplifyer when high quality hearing aids in Brisbane are such good value.



We are spoilt for choice. The best choice you can make is find an independent audioligist with knowledge across major brands.


Price is actually secondary to getting the right hearing advice and fitting. However you can get the best care and the best price.

Full Warranty

As delicate technically advanced instruments, your hearing aids are generally covered under a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Once you are dependent on your hearing aids to converse properly, having a usable warranty in Australia offers peace of mind.

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We know the best centres to get your hearing care.

  • We find a qualified professional for you in your location
  • Aids supplied in Australia with full manufacturers warranty
  • No Obligation or fees
  • You are not buying a hearing aid over the Internet
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