Buying Hearing Aids from Overseas

Buying Hearing Aids from Overseas

Buying Hearing Aids from Overseas

Jan 2 2017

The main factor influencing the price of hearing aids in Australia is the wholesale price charged to retailers set by the manufacturers.
The next influencing factor is the training and quality of care audiologists and audiometrists need in Australia.

Running a practise for fitting aids requires a substantial investment in equipment and staff.

In some situations you may find the retail prices of aids being cheaper in places like the UK than the wholesale price in Australia.
Specsavers in the UK sell hearing aids (they are now doing the same in Australia)

Buying a Hearing Aid from Overseas

Quality of care in Australia is exceptional and if you allow us to refer you to proven hearing aid experts you will get the best opportunity to address your hearing issues.

We even have audiologists who have advised potential customers their hearing is not yet at the loss to need a hearing aid!

Risk and Warranty

Buying an aid OS carries a risk. You would also need to ensure service and warranty is covered in Australia for that particular brand.

The audiologists we recommend can advise across brands and styles of those brands, they cover follow-ups for a minimum of the warranty period of the aids (3 years in Australia).

Choice advises on buying hearing aids from overseas.

Case Study

"Hi Phil, I have just bought my first hearing aid (right ear only due to otosclerosis) through a company in the UK after having a trial and audiogram done on the Gold Coast. Sadly the help during the trial was so bad and when they adjusted the aid for me I couldn't wear it. I took it back and decided to buy online using my audiogram I got from them (only mild low frequency loss) and saved $4600. The aid is set perfectly but its uncomfortable and my ear canal hurts sometimes. Do you know of someone I could see to maybe help me learn how to put it in correctly and make sure I'm using the right domes etc, and how much would this cost. I would like to find someone I could continue to use. Thanks in advance"

Buying a hearing aid overseas did not work in the above case. Now the buyer needs the care they would get free with the purchase in Australia. Audiologists get better results testing with their own calibrated equipment. Hence purchasing the hearing aids from the audiologist who tests and produces the audiogram makes sense.

Breaking: Buying a Hearing Aid Overseas

We now have access to trustworthy providers based overseas. The disparity in prices, and limitations on local conditions for sale in various countries does not affect the consumers right to purchase a hearing aid overseas and have it serviced anywhere. Hearing aids are classed as medical devices and are regulated as such. This has many advantages in price.

For more information add your details into the comments section of our hearing aid referral page. We will find a reputable OS provider for you!

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