How Hearing Aid Accessories Improve Hearing Aids

How Hearing Aid Accessories Improve Hearing Aids

How Hearing Aid Accessories Improve Hearing Aids

Nov 8 2019

Sometimes hearing aids are simply not enough

Hearing aids can be life changing, especially in normal hearing situations where you simply would not hear enough of the conversation to understand it.

Once a decision to purchase a hearing aid is made, you have avoided the very real issue of Auditory Deprivation & Brain Deterioration. Audiologists have noted that people who do not deal with their hearing loss for several years following the first signs of hearing loss, may have already caused irreparable damage to their cognitive processes.

Let's look at the value adding accessories available with modern wireless hearing aids.

Phonak ComPilot II

The ComPilot II allows you to connect your hearing aids to wireless devices like-:

  • Bluetooth® enabled phones
  • Bluetooth® enabled tablets
  • MP3 players
  • Stereo receivers

With the help of your hearing professional you can connect your hearing aids and use the ComPilot II as a remote control.

Phonak ComPilot II

Notice the ComPilot II has a standard 3.5 mm audio input jack. This opens up streaming from any traditional device - even those without Bluetooth®.

To use your ComPilot II with a Bluetooth® enabled audio device or transmitter, you must first pair the devices. This is a simple process that requires the pushing and co-ordination of a few buttons.

Certain phones can be connected via Bluetooth® with an effective range of 5-10 metres. The call is connected on your phone. You will hear the ringtone signal through your hearing aids. The caller name will be announced. You speak into the ComPilot when taking a call. Phone features do depend on your phones capabilities, you may be able to-:

  • Redial last number
  • Voice dial
  • Hold call
  • Treansfer call

Wireless Devices

Hearing Better than with Hearing Aids Alone

People with normal hearing will struggle in difficult to hear situations, like when there is background noise. The features of the ComPilot II allow you improved hearing opportunities. You can even connect a microphone to hear a specific speaker. You can combine the Phonak ComPilot II with other Phonak accessories. It is easy to pause streaming by the press of the Main (M) button, should you need to talk to someone.

Bluetooth® allows devices like mobile or cordless phones, laptops and personal computers to communicate wirelessly. You can hear better in some situations than people with normal hearing. All it takes is quality hearing aids and a small investment in Hearing Aid Accessories.

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