Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

Oct 25 2023

What is a hearing aid receiver

A hearing aid receiver, also known as a speaker or earpiece, is a crucial component of a hearing aid device designed to amplify and transmit sound to your ear. It works in conjunction with the microphone and processing unit of the hearing aid to convert amplified sound signals into audible sound waves that are delivered directly into the ear canal.

Hearing aid receivers come in various sizes and styles to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of users, and they are typically placed within the earpiece of the hearing aid, ensuring that sound is channeled effectively into the ear. The quality and performance of a hearing aid receiver play a significant role in the hearing aid's overall effectiveness.

Phonak Lumity Receiver

Phonak Lumity Earpiece

ActiveVent™ is unique

ActiveVent Receiver was first introduced with the Paradise Hearing Aids. It features a switchable vent, which combines the benefits of an open fit and closed fit in one receiver.

Open fit allows environmental sounds into your hearing aid and is suitable for situations in low noise.

Closed fit would activate when there is a "speech in loud noise" scenario or a situation where you were streaming.

Open fit is the most comfortable situation in low noise situations because the environmental sounds are unimpeded and your own voice sounds natural.

Imagine the benefit of being able to hear a phone call or conversation in a noisy situation, without having to do anything. Phonak describe this a "removing a layer of complexity".

In a Phonak Lumity hearing aid the evironment is detected by AutoSense OS which classifies the sound and switches on StereoZoom 2.0 and closes the vent automatically. AutoSense 5.0 scans the environment 700 times per second. Then calculates the most appropriate setting to switch to. (up to 200 settings are adjusted)

ActiveVent automatically opens or closes depending on the environment you are in.

"The all-new ActiveVent Receiver is the world's first intelligent hearing aid receiver, capable of intelligently balancing speech clarity in noise and listening comfort to further strengthen the unrivaled sound quality of Phonak Paradise for clients with mild to moderate hearing loss"

Optimal Fitting Range For ActiveVent

It is suitable for certain hearing impairments and not everyone. Refer above to the Optimal Fitting Range.

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver Video

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