Sustained Inattention Deafness

Sustained Inattention Deafness

Sustained Inattention Deafness

Oct 13 2016

An experiment (A test of auditory awareness) that includes listening to the following audio may answer many of the questions as to why when the footy is on for some males they appear to hear very little else. Science Direct published a report based on the following test.
Play the audio below (with headphones) and focus on the female voices. Can you follow their conversation.

Test of Auditory Awareness Video

In Attention whilst watching TV

Gorillas We Have Missed

It is now well-known that the absence of attention can leave us 'blind' to visual stimuli that are very obvious under normal viewing conditions.

The full article: purchase full report here.

Selective Auditory Attention

Our brains are often exposed to over stimulation. There is often simply too much information to process.
Studies into the brain's attention system confirm it is designed to handle the overloaded brain. An evolutionary response to too much information.
People can selectively listen to conversations - they also may go into mind-wandering mode too.

Not withstanding the brain accounts for 20% of energy use, we have a situation where trying to keep up with a conversation requires energy.

Throw in some stress and your ability to to pay attention decreases, no matter how well you hear and process information.

Hearing Aids can really be of benefit here. You may notice your attention systems switching off.
When we wear hearing aids we need to learn to slowly switch on again.

Read more on Selective Auditory Attention.

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