Unitron Discover Next Platform

Unitron Discover Next Platform

Unitron Discover Next Platform

May 28 2020

For the love of music.

At the heart of the Unitron Discover Next Platform is SoundCore with 4 powerful features-:

  • SoundNav 3.0
  • Sound Conductor
  • Spatial Awareness
  • SpeechPro

Unitron Discover Next Platform Video

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that trains SoundNav to think like a human.

When sounds enter the hearing aids SoundNav intelligently classifies them into seven key listening environments.

  • Quiet
  • Conversation in quiet
  • Conversation in a small group
  • Conversation in a crowd
  • Conversation in noise
  • Noise
  • Music

SoundNav 3.0 dynamically blends these environments, create thousands of possible combinations. When SoundNav 3.0 identifies music, the system switches to a dedicated music program optimized to make music, sound amazing. Now with streaming options you can rediscover music - you may well hear the lyrics clearly.

And now with streaming content like music or podcasts from any device directly into both hearing aids MediaNav classifies the signal as music or speech and adjusts the sound accordingly. This happens without you touching or doing a thing - it is a very natural experience.

Signal Processing

As processing power of devices increases the seamless integration of environments always favours speech, allowing you to hear in a number of environments.

Soft speech automatically gets a lift in quiet environments. Noise reduction reduces the volume of distracting background noises. It is easier to identify where sounds come from.

We use the difference between when, and how loud sounds enter our ears to know where the sounds are coming from.
An innovative four microphone strategy where sounds are acoustically separated and perceived in their accurate locations, providing a more realistic sound experience.
The hearing aids are able to separate speech from noise, without negatively impacting binaural cues.

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