Phonak with Lithium Battery

Phonak with Lithium Battery

Phonak with Lithium Battery

Dec 12 2016

Updated Nov 3rd 2021

Audiologists are very positive about the new Phonak hearing aids with rechargeable lithium batteries.

"It makes it easier for people with dementia or in nursing homes to simplify their routine."

Hearing Matters for Quality of Life

You can check the details of the top of the range Phonak Paradise P90-R Rechargeable at which is the first site in Australia to comprehensively list prices of hearing aids across major brands.

  • 1 day of hearing including unlimited streaming
  • Quick charging - charged in 2 hours
  • Battery tested to last 6 years
  • 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries

The hearing aid is quite large - but has a performance that has many audiologists selecting this aid for certain customers.

"The benefit of a hearing centre with a knowledge across the main brands is you get choice - you are not limited to one or two brands"

Experience counts we only recommend hearing specialists we would use ourselves - your hearing is not part of a production line - our recommended audiologists give back-up for the life of the hearing aid.

Who will look after your interests?

How do you know if the hearing provider will look after you for the length of the warranty period at no extra charge?

Quality Care Experience across major brands
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